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Fiona Ho

IG: fionaholovefood

IG: fionahodrawingbook

Youtube Channel:米紙戰狼

何嘉茵,畢業於香港中文大學藝術系文學士及傳理廣告碩士,在傳媒界工作超過10年,一直關注社區,喜歡將平日生活、社區結合藝術,經常利用平面畫像及影片媒介表達。2021年6月,和拍檔成立Youtube Channel《米紙》,繼續紀錄人物、社區故事,以及香港大小事。


Ho Ka Yan, Fiona,Graduated from CUHK with Bachelor of Fine Arts and Master of social science (Advertising). She has worked for over ten years in the media industry,  always concerned about the community. Fiona likes to integrate art into daily life and the community through media illustration and video. In June 2021, she and her partners established the Youtube Channel "RiceZi2" to continue to document people, community and their stories in Hong Kong.


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