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NEXXCREATE, aims to promote the development of Art + Tech and support the community of Creativity (Art, Design and Culture) with the latest technology innovation including Live-streamed holograms, 3D projection mapping, immersive & interactive, NFT, Web3, Metaverse and blockchain.

By inviting the participation of representatives from the different creative communities and non-governmental organisations, we regularly organise collaborations among different stakeholders and conferences that merge with the elements of the latest tech innovation. 

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Digital Entertainment Awards 2022

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Upcoming kick-off ceremony of NEXXCREATE Digital Entertainment Award 2022 collaborating with GO-MUSEUM alongside an immersive showcase of creative artworks and NFT exhibition at an ironic spot in Hong Kong. Don't miss out the unique experience with talented artists in the region.

The award aims to recognise the outstanding art creators and technology pioneers who are creating next generation digital entertainment experience in blockchain, NFT, Web3 and Metaverse ecosystem. It covers three categories : Interactive & immersive artworks and projects/products combining with the elements of NFTs, GameFi and Blockchain technology. Stay tuned.

Digital Entertainment FEST 2022

The awards is part of the NEXXCREATE Digital Entertainment Fest (NDEF),  taking place throughout the months of June to Aug, 2022. Besides the awards, NDEF will include a series of featured artworks & NFT exhibitions, immersive digital art performances, Master Series of livestream at Cyberport and education NFT workshops and more during NDEF. The NDEF aims to weave an engaging dialogue to share inspiring and creative ideas, latest digital and blockchain technology and trends among digital artists, the greater public, the innovation sector, collectors and art patrons.

Master Series Live Stream Series of Art Tech 
at Cyberport (9, 16 & 23 Aug, 2021) 

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Live Stream Series of Art Tech 
at Cyberport (31 Aug, 2021) 

Master Series - LiveStream of Art Tech
at Cyberport in Sept 

Featuring Interview series at Cyberport

NEXXCREATE will collaborate with Cyberport for holding a series of artist interviews at Live Streaming Cubic in May and June

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Piz for the 1st ep for NEXXCREATE x Cybe

Interview series (NEXXCREATE x CYberport)

Ep 1 : How do artists adopt the new normal for their art creation during Covid-19?


Featuring guest artists : Benson Koo and Carol Man

Benson Koo - Hong Kong visual artist, video director, and creator. His first solo gallery debuted in The Fringe Club in Hong Kong showcased the “扭曲” Collection. He received Reviewers Award in 2016 at the Unknown ASIA Art Exchange Osaka.

Carol Man is a visual artist in Hong Kong, presenting the two sides to stories in her cross-cultural projects. Besides exploring Chinese and Jewish traditions and practices, her works also carry hidden meanings to illustrate how the majority and the minority may see the world differently. The series of colourful dotty paintings is dedicated to her mentor, Henry Steiner – world-renowned graphic designer, for his inspiring teachings and encouragement for her artistic career.

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螢幕截圖 2021-06-07 下午2.16.33.png
螢幕截圖 2021-06-07 下午2.16.05.png
螢幕截圖 2021-06-07 下午2.15.52.png
螢幕截圖 2021-06-07 下午2.23.33.png

Ep 2 : How does a visual artist create artworks from conceptual ideas to final pieces with new technologies? 


Featuring guest artists :  Frédéric Bussière

French-Portuguese visual artist, Frédéric Bussière is graduated from a Master in Arts in France then started an international career: Buenos Aires, Paris, Sydney and finally Hong Kong. Through his travel, his approach of art has moved from 2D animation, to fashion video, and then finally to visual arts, incorporating video projection, installation and new technologies.

Many of his works explore the relationship between humans and nature, via the themes of biophilia, digital communities and air and water pollutions.

His approach is viewer centric, considering the audience as part of the art piece, by immersing the attendees into new audio-video experiences and also digital worlds and realities.

Featuring Interview series of Talented Young artists powered by HGC 

Ling Tse - A featuring multi-talented artists and her performance video is posted on HGC Global Communications' IG

Kick-off ceremony will be held in OCT





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Featuring EVentS in May

Culture Exchange music performance

We have supported a culture exchange event , African and Chinese Cultures, at the soft launch art exhibition in Hon Ming Gallery on Hollywood Road on 8th May.

Thanks for the amazing performance by Halen Woo and Longman Luk again.

Special thanks : DreamLikeBubbles, Hon Ming Gallery

Interview with Computer Graphic Artists
Special thanks : Core Lo, Jack Lee, PureHey

Featuring stories
- will be published onLINE in June 
Special thanks : 3HK's 5G ShowRoom< HOng Ming Gallery and The Forest  

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